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loft picture Converting the loft is one of the most cost-effective ways to add extra living space to a home. New rooms within the roof can benefit from sunlight for much of the day, make the most of any views, and can have tremendous character due to the interesting roof shape.

At the top of the house the roof space can be the ideal location for a new master bedroom, a home office, playroom or even a self-contained annexe, but the new rooms can be suitable for almost any residential use you can think of, providing you comply with the Building Regulations.

Unlike most extensions, a loft conversion adds space without building over the garden. The only sacrifice is the space required to accommodate access via a new staircase.

A project typically takes four to six weeks to complete and it is usually possible to continue living in your home whilst the loft is being converted.

Planning Guide

  • Planning permission is not normally required for loft conversions, unless the roof space is extended.
  • Additions up to 50m3 (40m3 for terraces) to the side or rear of the roof, including dormers, are classed as Permitted Development (PD), so planning permission is not usually needed.
  • The insertion of rooflights usually falls within PD rights.
  • Planning permission is required for larger extensions, or roof alterations if PD is restricted (i.e. Conservation Areas).
  • Listed buildings will require listed building consent.
  • Any new side-facing windows must have obscured glazing and be non-opening, unless the parts of the window which can be opened are more than 1.7m above the floor of the room in which the window is installed.
  • The roof height can normally be increased by 100mm along the existing roof plane under PD rights to allow for the insertion of insulation, or rooflights.
  • The new roof must be no higher than the existing, and dormer windows must be set in from the verges by 200mm, except on gable-to-gable conversions.

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